You think you know really Javascript?

I’m a Senior Software Developer passionate about the everything related to the web technologies and particularly Javascript ecosystem since a while… but recently I had an event that makes me ask a lot of questions like: am ‘I really a good Javascript programmer? Do I know well Javascript?
In the last 5 years I’ve realized a lot of professional projects with Javascript, some of them where simple some others where very complex and every time was a success and big feeling of satisfaction, but as I said before an event recently makes me questioning myself about my knowledge of Javascript.
I applied for a new position in a company looking for a profile as mine so the recruiter sends me in the first time a small project to re-write based in the best practices (in less than 2h) the recruiter tells me later that all was find and we should proceed to the next step which consist in having a skype conference with questions about me and my actual job and in the second part it will be some live exercises to resolve…
Everything goes find during almost 1h30 but thing goes bad for me when I had some questions like very basic staff that in real world projects you almost never cross… but very frequent in the recruitment process.
Since I decided to write this article to expose something that most programmers loose when they are in a position (in the same company) during a long time…
Following, I’ve assembled the most basic exercises every Javascript developer should know.

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